About Us


Our Story

Sonny’s Specialist Products is a family run business and was setup in Aug 2017 by brothers Sonny and Kishin Chugani.


Our story began in late 2016 when a long time customer was sourcing for bamboo straws from Thailand. A search of 6 months resulted in finding out there weren't anyone making them in Thailand.


The thought of losing financially if the customer cancelled his order got us thinking. As bamboo grows abundantly practically everywhere in Thailand, we decided that if we cannot find anyone that makes these bamboo straws. We were going to make them ourselves. 

Since no one was making the straws in Thailand we then began to do some R&D on bamboo and learned on how best to cut these straws, which species to use and how to cure them for a pleasing color tone.


Six months later we finally started making quality bamboo straws in Thailand.


As we continued finding out more information on bamboo straws. This is when we learned about the damaging effect of plastic straws and decided that we were going to promote bamboo straws as alternative to plastic straws and help do our part for the environment.


Thus began the journey into Eco-friendly products and the beginning of Sonny’s Specialist Products.

Our Vision

To bring greater awareness to the public on availability of bamboo straws as being alternative to the much hazardous plastic straws.

To help keep our oceans and earth free of plastic disposable products.

Educating the public on dangers of one time use plastic products and letting them know there are alternatives out there.

How many of you have seen the image of a turtle with a plastic straw jammed in one of its breathing nostril? Felt sick to my stomach looking at the beautiful creature made to suffer by a plastic straw.

Isn't this a strong reason to stop disposing plastic products into the ocean.

Signs are everywhere, we need to save the environment to continue living healthy and safe.

Our Mission

  • Create a greater awareness to the public on the availability of bamboo straws as being alternative to the much hazardous plastic straws.
  • SSP gets it’s raw material, mainly bamboo that grows naturally without any use of chemicals. Local farmers supply them to us which in turn gets them an additional income. SSP will continue with this relationship as long as we are in business.
  • We believe in giving back to the community by temporary hiring older and handicapped persons in preparation process of the bamboo straws when there is a big order. Part of our future expansion plan is to give them permanent employment.